It is a rare man that allows his life to be so transparent. He is honest about his life’s journey that led him to know his greatest ‘Love’, Jesus, the Son of the Living God, with the prayer that you, too, will give your heart to Him. May God bless this journey you have taken!

Laurel Anderson
Administrative Secretary
Division of Teacher Education
Eastern Nazarene College, Quincy, MA

I have finished your book, and was quite impressed by it. Certainly you have a lot to tell. No human being should ever have to suffer as Mark Lynch did. But thank God for the faithfulness of his wife, Agnes, who stood by his side, and for a God who is always there.

Rev. Kenneth Rayner, Retired
First Baptist Church
Braintree, MA

Walk with Me is a book with the genuine power to stir and comfort its readers. It leads you to question one’s purpose during life. In my opinion, every part of this book is quite enjoyable and I would highly recommend it to others.

Joseph D. Thurston, M Ed.
Readjustment Counseling Therapist
Veterans Center, Brockton, MA


I just finished reading the manuscript a week or so ago. I wanted to share with you what I thought about it. It was very moving. I felt very touched by what I read about your life experiences.

I was also interested in finding out about some of the things that you mentioned in regards to the beliefs of various religions. I, being a catholic, wanted to find out if what you were saying was true, or if this was just another “con man’s” attempt to spin some facts to his benefit, to get new members to his church. I did some research and found that EVERYTHING that you said and quoted is exactly in accordance with what the bible says. When I finished reading, I wanted to give myself a few days to sort of digest what I read, and see exactly how this was going to impact my life, because something in me was moved by what I read, and changed in some way. The bottom line is that this is not someone attempting to recruit people to join whatever religious organization you belong to, but rather a personal, moving story that tells of one man’s experiences in life, and his testimony of how God found him, and he found God. The story is an inspiration to every reader to seek out a personal relationship with God. As quoted in the book, “To know Him rather than of Him”.

I loved it. I am going to do something about it and how it made me feel now that I have read it, because once you know the truth, you need to seek more of it, to follow it, nurture it and live it-everyday.

Rosemary Frost, Administrative Secretary
Mortgage World Corporation
35 Highland Circle Needham, MA 02494

“Totally Powerful.”

Mellisa Faulkner
Boston College, Boston, Ma.

I have just read Mark Lynches story and found it to be one of the best testimonies I have ever read! I have met Mark personally, on several occasions at a Church in Braintree, but have never heard his life story before. I could tell by talking to him, that we both graduated from the school of hard knocks, but his story is captivating! I found his book hard to put down, once I started reading it! Mark has a great sense of humor and one thing I have always admired about him is that Mark is a straight shooter; he tells it like it is. Mark shoots from the hip and does not pull any punches. I only wish there were more people like Mark. I believe his story will be a great inspiration to many who have walked just some of the roads Mark has, and to see how God brought him to where he is at now. I know that many of the inmates at the Correctional Facility, where I serve as Chaplin, will not only relate to Mark, but be inspired to seek out God as Mark did, and find the very meaning to life, which is Christ.

Chaplin Daniel Croce, Good News Jail & Prison Ministry
Plymouth County Correctional Facility, Plymouth, Ma.

Hey Mark,

I just read the endorsements of your book and they are so wonderful. You asked for a possible endorsement from me and after reading the endorsements that were written by a few people, I don’t know if I can hold a candle to them. I will pray for the words!!

You will touch so very many people with your writing of your life. I know what a great influence you have been in my life. I knew you way back when – remember Mark, you were also the one who explained any sex questions we, the girls, all had. You answered every single one of them like a real pro.

Look at you now!!! I remember how very desperate I was for comfort, but couldn’t put my finger on it. You, Mark Lynch, wouldn’t let it go and kept after me about God. You were truly sent by Him to help me through my hell. If it wasn’t for you and Aggie, I probably would still be there. I knew about God, the same God you knew. I feared Him because I was told to. You showed me how to let Him come into my heart. You helped me open the door because I wasn’t listening to the knock. Praise the Lord for that day. From that day forward, I got to know a loving Father who sacrificed his Son for me. Me, who probably at the time broke every commandment including the two Moses, dropped. I asked myself, is this same Father who made me feel bad and guilty all of the time? You helped me to learn that I had to forgive me as God did and shed my guilt. You helped me to let Jesus carry me when I needed it, and you made me strong to stay on the road and listen to the Spirit inside of me. Mark, you truly were and still are a blessing in my life. Now, so very many years later, you have helped so many others and I know in my heart, you will be helping to guide others down a path to a brand new life.

Love Jeanne Donahue, Port Charlotte, FLA

Timing in Life is key. When I was presented this book I was standing at a crossroads in Life. Once I picked it up I could not place it down. I found the book entertaining but more importantly empowering. Coming from an Orthodox/Catholic religious background I have always believed in God but have no idea who He truly is.

“Walk with me” has empowered me to want to learn, ask questions, and discover!!! Most of all is has opened my eyes to the power of FAITH. I have a long way to go but Mr. Lynch’s book has given me that push in the right direction. I not only walk with him, I keep the book close to me and read an excerpt each night. I find my FAITH and UNDERSTANDING growing everyday.

John Metro
Senior Account Executive
Fellowship Software
New York, New York
218 219

I have known Mark Lynch and his love for Jesus Christ for 20 years, but until I read his book I did not know just how intimate and critical to his existence his relationship with the Savior is. This book reveals the ebb and flow of Mark’s spiritual walk with Jesus Christ in an honest and gripping exposé of life experiences. You will see many parallels between Mark’s life and the life of others recorded the Bible.

As you read this book I pray that you will be drawn closer to the Savior through Marks testimony, knowing that the Savior, Jesus Christ came to all men, women and children on that they may be saved.

Thank you Mark for making your life an open book that others might be saved.

Your friend in Christ,
Jim Hoover
Braintree, Ma.

Dear Mark

I have read your book and it is very impressive. I would like to endorse this book as a must for any one who wants to see how God’s plan fits in our lives and how God makes a way that we come to the place in our lives and see His Hand guiding us. This is a personal account of a person whose story will touch any heart.

Dr. Eleftheria Sidiropoulou
Tremont Temple, Boston, Ma.